Tint API
First steps


You need an API key to interact with our API.
All endpoints of the Tint API require clients to provide their API token via the Authorization header.
Authorization: Bearer ${API_TOKEN}
API tokens are provided upon request.
You should never share your API tokens, even the sandbox ones. They are sensitive pieces of information. Please contact us immediately if you believe your API tokens have leaked. We'll revoke existing ones and send you the new ones to prevent some malicious use of the lost keys.


Production: The production environment is the one that should be used on your production application. Its base URL is: https://api.tint.ai/v2.
Sandbox: Sandbox environment is the recommended way to test your integration with the Tint API, either on your development or staging environment (but not in production).
Your sandbox API key would be provided by the Tint team.
Sandbox and production use the same base URL. It is the API key used to authenticate the requests that defines the environment.
The sandbox API is the same as the production one (except we return hard-written answers when calling external data providers).
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