Tint API
How Tint Works
The diagram below provides a high-level overview of how Tint could interact with your platform. In this example, a car rental platform is used to illustrate how our API can integrate with different workflows. Nevertheless, Tint allows you to embed any insurance product into any platform.
Tint platform overview
To get a quote and a policy, your platform will send data relative to your insurance use case to Tint via our REST API. In the car rental platform, this would be information like booking dates, car details and the renter's information.
Tint models harness this data to underwrite your quote & policy. Pricing models calculate the premium for the quote and policy. Optionally, we could also define a decision model that doesn't allow renters under the age of 25 to rent a car and/or a score model to calculate the risk for each car rental. The flow below summarizes the underwriting process (light blue color = optional):
Tint underwriting process
However, quotes and policies are only one aspect of an insurance program. From the Tint application, you can also manage the entire lifecycle of a claim.
  • Your user can file their claim by submitting a white-labeled form.
  • The claim automatically appears on the claims dashboard, linked to the user's policy, and you can manage it from there.
  • If the claim is approved, you can pay directly from the app to refund your user.
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