Tint API
Claim management
Sometimes, things don't go according to plan and your insured users have an incident. They will report it to you by filing a claim.
The full lifecycle of claims can be easily managed from the Tint application, allowing you to get your users out of trouble as quickly as possible :
  • Your user can file their claim, also called "first notice of loss", by submitting a white-labeled form.
  • The claim automatically appears on the claims dashboard, linked to the user's policy, and you can adjust it from there.
  • If the claim is approved, you can pay directly from the app to refund your user.
However, our REST API and webhooks allow you to manage claims within your preferred application (your own or another claim management tool).
Here is the lifecycle of a claim, once the user has submitted the form and it's been received in the Tint application:
Tint claim lifecycle
This is an example of a claim page on the Tint application:
Tint Claim Page
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