Tint API
A coverage protects your user against a specific risk (i.e. stolen car, broken car). There can be one or multiple coverages per insurance plan.
Each of these coverages has its own pricing model for:
  • Premium: price the user must pay to be covered.
  • Limit (optional): maximum amount paid out to the policy holder, in case of a claim.
  • Deductible (optional): amount deducted from the compensation of the policy holder, in case of a claim.
  • Security Deposit (optional): amount given by the policy holder to be covered; if the contract ends without a claim, the amount is given back.
When a plan has several coverages, the coverage premiums are added to create the total premium.
Tint coverages configuration
The pricing models and decision models are fully customizable through the Tint web app. Models leverage the data passed by your application to define complex pricing or decision logic. Tint Models can also include external data providers to fetch real time information from third party APIs, like credit scores, identity verification score or driving history.
Tint pricing model configuration
Whenever your application requests a quote, the Tint API returns the premiums (and possibly the deductibles, limits and security deposits) output by the models defined in your configuration.
Once the user selects their preferred quote, the policy can be issued at checkout time.
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